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Description: Word of Web promotes quality recommended Australian Businesses from Accountants to Window Cleaners. Word of Web is a directory of recommended Australian business by word of mouth. We are providing businesses with an opportunity to advertise their products and services through the high ranking Word of Web enjoys on Google's search engine. For most listed categories Word of Web ranks in the top ten of Googlé's Australian search results for searches of recommended businesses. For example, 'Recommended Accountants'' currently ranks No.1. You can test this proposition by selecting a category off of the website (menu far left) and add the word 'recommended' in front of the category and search for it in Google's Australian search engine. Some ‘recommended’ categories also rank highly in a World Wide Search.

Welcome to Word of Web's affiliate program.

We suggest you add the link to the most appropriate section of your website, where businesses and visitors will be looking to increase their website traffic, exposure, reputation or profits.

A listing on Word of Web allows the advertiser to promote the quality of its product or service and enhance its businesses reputation in the market place. By signing up to the affiliate program you are providing your visitors with an opportunity to attract customers who attached significant importance to the quality of a service and performance of a product. Everybody wins.

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AU$40.00 Per SaleGoogle
Get listed on Google. Top Ten listing within days.
AU$40.00 Per SaleRecommended Ads
Recommended advertising for your business. Get listed on Google's Top Ten as a recommended business.
AU$40.00 Per SaleWord of Mouth
Be top of a list of recommended businesses on Google. Get ahead of your competition before they get ahead of you.
AU$40.00 Per SaleOnline Advertising
Get your businesses on Google's Australian top ten search results as a recommended businesses. A cost effective classified advertisement in the Word of Web directory will almost certainly put your ‘recommended’ business ahead of your competition. For example Word of Web's 'recommended accountants' currently ranks number No.1 among recommended accountants. Advertising places are limited and the best positions are secured and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Don’t wait for the competition to beat you to it. See link for more details and test the effectiveness for yourself.
AU$40.00 Per SaleTop 10 Google Search

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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